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Supporting Mothers & Children With A Safe And Solid LifeStartlife start .

About LifeStart International

Holistic pre and post-natal care and
community integration services
to mothers, expectant mothers
and their newborns.

Ongoing Campaigns

Last year, thanks to your generous donations, LifeStart International was able to provide a wide array of supplies to mothers and infants, during our visit to Ada in Ghana. In addition, we were able to meet with the women to identify the pressing needs in a community. We are planning on returning to continue our work by providing training and additional supplies.


We’ve launched our Call for Items for this year. Visit our Registry, scan the QR Code below to participate, or contact us for more information.

Why LifeStart International?

Ongoing research reveals the importance of quality prenatal and postnatal care on the overall impact of child development.


In many communities around the world, children are born without the basic care they need during the most vital stages of their lives. LifeStart has innovative programs to support both mother and child in the area of postnatal care.

LifeStart International has team of experts and volunteers from various backgrounds.

LifeStart International functions in partnership with relevant stakeholders towards the delivery of its mandate.